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Multiple Push-Button with RJ-14 connector Multiple Push-Button with RJ-14 connector
The Multiple Push-Button is connected to the call unit with socket. The red push-button with integrated locator lamp lights up brightly when a call is triggered (reassurance lamp). The Multiple Push-Buttons can be equipped with one or...
From €28.00 *
Replacement Cables for Multiple Push-Buttons with tear-off protection (pack of 10) Replacement Cables for Multiple Push-Buttons...
Replacement cables for the multiple push-buttons FD4913, FD4914, FD4915, FD4916, FD4917 und FD4918. Packaging unit 10 pieces.
From €97.00 *
Bed Alarm with RJ-14 Connector Bed Alarm with RJ-14 Connector
The Bed Alarm was specially developed by FACI for residents/patients who, for example, are not allowed to leave their bed unattended at night. As soon as the person to be secured crosses the "light barrier" of the bed alarm, a call is...
€248.00 *
Adapter Board Adapter Board
Including 3 m cable as well as tear-off protection and RJ-14 connector.
€17.00 *
Wristband Transmitter - "Lifebuoy" Wristband Transmitter - "Lifebuoy"
The configurable infrared call transmitter is part of the nurse call system. It is used together with the intelligent call triggers. The call transmitter FD4771 can also act as a presence transmitter. It acknowledges the alarm on site...
€75.00 *