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Multiple Push-Button with Mini-Din Plug Multiple Push-Button with Mini-Din Plug
The Multiple Push-Button is connected to the call unit with auxiliary plug contact. The red push-button with integrated locator lamp lights up brightly when a call is triggered (reassurance lamp). The Multiple Push-Buttons can be...
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Replacement Cables for multiple Push-Buttons (pack of 10) Replacement Cables for multiple Push-Buttons...
Replacement Cables for multiple push-buttons FD4833, FD4835, FD4863, FD4865, FD4864 and FD4866.
From €56.00 *
Transmission Plateletes (10 pieces) Transmission Plateletes (10 pieces)
The transmission platelet is the secret of the wander guard system: a battery-free, maintenance-free mini platelet. A platelet is stuck into each shoe (right and left) of the patient/ resident to be protected. To do this, lift the rear...
€200.00 *
Wander Guard Alarm Unit Wander Guard Alarm Unit
The alarm unit is located in the immediate vicinity of the door. This constantly monitors the loop and immediately registers when a transmission platelet comes into the loop (height approx. 0 -15 cm). The integrated green cancel button/...
€1,495.00 *
Power Supply 18V Power Supply 18V
The door unit is supplied with power via the plug-in power supply unit. The plug-in power supply should be placed in the immediate vicinity of the FACI door unit FA7110.
€45.00 *
Call Unit (contact-based) Call Unit (contact-based)
The Call Unit requires a 12 V voltage and outputs a normally open contact in the event of an alarm. Scope of delivery: electronic module complete with assembly frame. Power Supply: 10,0 - 14,0V, max. 10mA Size (HxWxD): 80 x 80 x 14 mm...
€17.00 *
Pneumatic Call Unit Pneumatic Call Unit
The pneumatic Call Unit is controlled by foreign systems or GIGA Nursecall. The Pneumatic Call Unit is particulary suitable for care bathrooms with a bathtub. A call is triggered by squeezing the rubber ball lightly. Scope of delivery:...
€55.00 *
Key Switch Key Switch
Key switch with cylinder lock. Two possible positions for e.g. day / night switching or tones loud or quiet. Scope of delivery: two keys Size (HxWxD): 80 x 80 x 14 mm Colour: pure white For standard 55er concealed installation.
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Configurable IR Transmitter Configurable IR Transmitter
This article has been replaced by our Wristband Transmitter - "Lifebuoy" FD4771.
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Replacement Button Cells for IR transmitter (5 pieces) Replacement Button Cells for IR transmitter (5...
5 spare button cells for IR wristband transmitters.
€18.75 *
Replacement wristband for IR transmitter Replacement wristband for IR transmitter
Wristband for infrared transmitter.
€12.00 *
Monitor Call Monitor Call
The monitor call is for medical monitoring devices. It is controlled by the room bus system. When triggered, a high priority call is made. This is signaled acoustically by a special ringing melody, among other things. Scope of delivery:...
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