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Wegläuferschutz Aktiv Türeinheit Door Unit
To monitor a door, the door unit is installed directly next to it. The door unit builds up a self-adjusting spherical field. If a wristband transmitter comes into this fiedl, the alarm can be reported in the following ways: Call display...
€697.00 *
Power Supply Power Supply
Plug-in power supply unit for the power supply.
€37.00 *
Wander Guard Wristband Transmitter Wander Guard Wristband Transmitter
The Wristband Transmitter is put on the person to be protected. When entering the field of the door unit, this sends a signal which the door unit detects and issues as an alarm. The transmitter is powered by a CR2032 button cell. This...
€162.00 *
Wander Guard Wristband Transmitter service package Wander Guard Wristband Transmitter service package
The wander guard wristband transmitter service package includes 2x screws, 3x CR2032 button cells and 1x scredriver.
€10.50 *
Alarm Transmitter Alarm Transmitter
The acoustic / optical alarm transmitter is particularly suitable for stand-alone systems. Scope of delivery: electronic module complete with assembly frame. Power Supply: 12V - 17V / 100mA Size (HxWxD): 80 x 80 x 35 mm Coulor: pure...
€65.00 *
Door Alarm (standalone) Door Alarm (standalone)
The FACI door alarm is used to monitor escape doors and side entrances, e.g. doors for staff. If a disoriented resident opens this secured door without confirming the release button, an alarm is triggered. Door alarm with cancel and...
€151.00 *
Bed Alarm with Relay Bed Alarm with Relay
The bed alarm was specially developed by FACI for residents/ patients who, for example, should not leave their bed unattended at night. As soon as the person to be secured crosses the "light barrier" from the bed alarm, a call is...
€248.00 *