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FACI Transmission Plateletes (10 pieces) FACI Transmission Plateletes (10 pieces)
The transmission platelet is the secret of the wander guard system: a battery-free, maintenance-free mini platelet. A platelet is stuck into each shoe (right and left) of the patient/ resident to be protected. To do this, lift the rear...
€220.00 *
FACI Wander Guard Alarm Unit FACI Wander Guard Alarm Unit
The alarm unit is located in the immediate vicinity of the door. This constantly monitors the loop and immediately registers when a transmission platelet comes into the loop (height approx. 0 -15 cm). The integrated green cancel button/...
€1,695.00 *
Power Supply 18V Power Supply 18V
The door unit is supplied with power via the plug-in power supply unit. The plug-in power supply should be placed in the immediate vicinity of the FACI door unit FA7110.
€49.00 *