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FACI Corridor Display FACI Corridor Display
The corridor displays are connected to the ward bus and show calls and presences. The display includes a signal generator that also signals different types of call acoustically. The corridor display can be programmed in such a way that...
€540.00 *
FACI System Controller with one Ward Control Unit FACI System Controller with one Ward Control Unit
The system controller already has a ward control unit onboard to control 125 station bus participiants in 7 different call groups. Furthermore, up to 14 ward control units can be connected. It distributes all pending calls, messages,......
€1,095.00 *
FACI Ward Control Unit FACI Ward Control Unit
The ward control unit takes on the central control function of the connected station bus participants. It controls up to 125 station bus participiants in 7 groups. Cross-group functions are implemented by the system controller. Scope of...
€270.00 *
Power Supply Power Supply
The FACI power supply is tested for use in FACI nurse call systems (medical approved). It is supplied with the wall mounting, primary and secondary connection cable. Performance data: 12V, 7 amps
€212.00 *
FACI FlexlinePro PC Software FACI FlexlinePro PC Software
The program contains the following software modules: Config: Includes, among other things, a system list with the option to configute the components, configuration of the entire system with day and night switching, group assignment,...
€795.00 *
FACI FlexlinePro Software ESPA 4.4.4 IN FACI FlexlinePro Software ESPA 4.4.4 IN
Softwaremodule ESPA 4.4.4 IN for PC Software FlexlinePro. The software can be used to record ESPA 4.4.4 data (e.g. from the fire alarm system). The messages are signaled in plain text on the room displays, room stations with speech...
€640.00 *
FACI Technical Call Unit FACI Technical Call Unit
The technical call unit is connected to the ward bus. It is used to send a message or an alarm from a foreign device (telephone, heating, cooling room etc.) with a programmed number to the call system. It also offers the option of...
€107.00 *
FACI Data Repeater FACI Data Repeater
The data repeater amplifies the data signal from the ward bus. It works optically seperate so that, for example, in the event of a lightning strike, the data repeater seperates individual stations from each other and no damage occurs to...
€78.00 *
UPS emergency power supply UPS emergency power supply
The UPS emergency power system protects against power failure and has a bridging time of more than one hour (redommendation of DIN / VDE 0834).
€212.00 *